General Dentistry

Experience compassionate General Dentistry at Gratton House Dental Surgery. From check-ups to fillings and restorations, our dedicated team prioritises your comfort and well-being for a healthy, radiant smile.

General Dentistry

What is General Dentistry?

At Gratton House Dental Surgery, we believe in the power of comprehensive General Dentistry. Our experienced team is dedicated to preserving your oral health with services ranging from routine check-ups to expert restorations. With a patient-centred approach, we prioritise your comfort and well-being, ensuring a healthy, radiant smile. Trust us for ethical, experienced care that caters to your unique needs, ensuring a lifetime of confident smiles. Your family's oral health is our priority.

Composite White Fillings

Untreated cavities make it difficult to eat certain foods, and can also lead to infections, which may, in turn, become abscesses, and could even result in tooth loss. Using Composite white fillings, we will bring your teeth back to life, repairing cavities caused by decay and restoring the tooth’s natural shape.

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State-of-the-Art Dental Technology


Dentures are specially made by dental professionals to fit the exact contours of your mouth. Dentures may replace a whole set of teeth or just a few that are missing. They also help to retain the structure of your mouth by supporting the cheeks and lips. Just like natural teeth, dentures require a thorough daily cleaning routine.

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At Gratton House Dental Surgery, we understand that dental extractions can be a concern. Our compassionate team ensures this procedure is as comfortable as possible, prioritising your well-being. Whether it's a wisdom tooth or another extraction, trust in our experienced, ethical care.

We're here to guide you through the process with understanding and expertise, ensuring your comfort every step of the way.

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Dental Crowns

Teeth can erode for all sorts of reasons, including damage or decay. Dental crowns fit over the remaining part of the tooth, helping to strengthen it and restore its appearance. Today’s technology and materials mean we can recreate amazingly accurate teeth, giving you the aesthetics you desire and a strong tooth to eat with.

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Dental Crown

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a means of replacing missing teeth without requiring surgery (unlike implants). A bridge basically fills a gap: a false tooth (or teeth) is attached to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap using adhesive or specially constructed crowns. Bridges can help to maintain your smile, and also stop teeth moving into gaps and affecting your ability to bite.

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Dental Bridge

Inlays & Onlays

Discover the precision of inlays and onlays at Gratton House Dental Surgery. Our skilled team understands the importance of preserving your natural teeth. These custom-crafted restorations offer a seamless blend of strength and aesthetics, ensuring lasting comfort and functionality. With our caring, ethical approach, we prioritise your well-being throughout the process.

Experience inlays and onlays that are centered around you, and enjoy the confidence of a healthy, radiant smile.

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General Dentistry FAQs

Have questions about general dentistry? Explore our FAQs for compassionate, expert insights. At Gratton House Dental Surgery, we're here to guide you towards a confident, radiant smile.

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How long do dental crowns last?
Can a dental bridge be removed like dentures?
How are inlays and onlays different from fillings and crowns?
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